My Epic Cemetery Visit (Part Two)

When I got over the fence I took two pictures. My hands were shaking so I asked Damien to take the camera and get more. This also freed up both of my hands so I could fend off any unwanted monsters or creatures that were sure to attack us at any moment. Here are the first two pictures I snapped.



I only took about ten steps and realized it was getting darker by the second, I was ready to abort the mission and try another day, when I Noticed Damien was on a mission (no pun intended) moving from unmarked graves, simple white crosses just stuck in the ground, stones laid in a bordering rectangle of what I assume is a resting body outline, snapping photos left and right. There is an eclectic mix of random objects around; a cane, chair, knick knacks, beads, dead flowers and newer flowers. Damien was getting far enough away from me that I was getting even more scared so I hurried to catch up to him. I must say it was pleasing to see him get captivated in the moment. He’s not very receptive to the idea that these stories hold any credibility. During the ten times I said “Let’s go, I don’t want to be here anymore” I had to keep reminding him not to step on or walk over the tops of the graves. However, the way this cemetery is laid out, it was extremely difficult to avoid it. Here are the pictures he was snapping.







As I stood there in my peripheral vision I seen a hanging wreath moving back and forth, I tried to focus on it and it stopped. I asked Damien “Is the wind blowing?” Just as I finished that sentence it did it again. It stopped both times when I looked directly at it. I looked at the flags that were around and there was no signs of any breeze? Now getting more and more frightened I wanted to go as soon as possible. By this time it is completely dark and we see a small flashing light coming from the center of the cemetery. It was definitely to far away to go back in that far to see what it was. We did however try to video the light, not much of a success. Here it is anyways.

We quickly snapped a few more pics and climbed back over the fence. Here is the rest of those pics…



The wreath on this cross is the one that was moving back and forth.






We were almost to the car, or so I thought, Damien was walking back over to the fence. I was completely freaking by this time but I would rather be next to Damien then alone in the car. Approaching the fence he took a picture. This one-


When getting to the fence he stuck his arms through and took this picture. When this picture showed up on the camera I was standing right behind him. We were squatting down at the time. Instant shock ran through me, it made every single hair on my body stand up, we both flew up and back instantly, I almost fell down. We both mumbled something to the effect of “What the…?!” and “Holy….??!” and run, yes both of us ran to the car. I did not crop, tint, filter or alter this photo at all. I want it to be seen exactly the way it is.

I was advised to remove this particular photo … Sorry

Surprisingly enough this was not the end of the night for us. We drove over to the train depot to eat and go walk down Los Rios Street. I now wish we had just went home instead…

This is missing your voice.

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