Things crossed off my Life List

  1. Went River rafting on the Tuolume River in Yosemite & Kern River (way less scary)
  2. Wrestled an alligator!! (Just kidding, I just sat on him for a picture)
  3. Deep Sea Fishing!!
  4. Went to a game at Dallas Cowboy Stadium.
  5. Visited The Gatun Locks Panama Canal
  6. Took a limo tour of Washington DC
  7.  Participated in the beer olympics for a charitable cause.
  8. Played on Bourbon Street in Nola!
  9. Went on a hot air balloon ride.
  10. Zipplining
  11. Rode in a bob sled on an Olympic track (big fat WOW on this one)
  12. Visited Pikes Place Fish Market in Seattle.
  13.  Attended our favorite football team playing away from home- Steelers @ Raiders (wearing Sour Steelers shirts, livin on the edge Lol)
  14.  Got a henna mustache while in Mexico (don’t ask)
  15.  Swam with stingrays in Grand Cayman
  16.  Watched the sunrise from the Haleakala volcano crater in Maui  and then biked down (crazy adrenaline high)
  17.  Snorkeling in Cabo & Maui
  18. Visited the Bonzai Pipeline in Oahu North Shore ( hopefully again & again)
  19. Took ski lessons in Vail (will most likely be taking them again somewhere)
  20. Went to a broadway show- Wicked
  21. Ate lunch at Kensington Market in Toronto, Ontario
  22. Attended a self development retreat (I highly recommend it)
  23. Swam with Whale Sharks off the coast of Isla Mujeres (WOW)
  24.  Stayed overnight in a Mayan Village near Playa del Carmen on the reset of the Mayan Calendar 12-23-2012, complete with a sweatlodge ceremony, our own Shaman & swimming in a Cenote.
  25. Visited the Mayan ruin Coba near Tulum, Mexico
  26. Went on a rain forest & banana plantation tour in Costa Rica
  27. Went to Nine Mile Jamaica where Bob Marley is… in the few months following I seen Ziggy Marley- (The Roxy in West Hollywood) Damien, Stephen & Julian Marley at the Hollywood Bowl… It’s kind of my mission to see all of the Marley family I can Live!!
  28. Wine tasting in Santa Ynez Valley (one of my favorite places in the world is here)
  29.  Learned how to make SUSHI!!! 🙂
  30.  Went to the top of CN Tour and lied on the glass bottom floor (couldn’t stand! Thank GOD it was to windy to do the Edge walk)
  31.  Toured Castle Loma in Toronto
  32. Niagra Falls on the Canadian side- Rode the Maiden of the Mist to the bottom of the falls of course.
  33.  Took the VIP Tour at Universal Studios (worth every penny)
  34.  Whale watching in kayaks- Maui
  35. Visited Pearl Harbor
  36. Went to the top of the World Trade Center

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