Mayan Village

Mayan Village- Sweat Lodge (temazcal)


12-21-2012 –The End of the World “As We Know It”..

The End of the World “As We Know It”..
At the age of 38, I have to say this week’s experiences were some of the best I’ve ever experienced! I spent the week in Playa Del Carmen and Tulum, Mexico and got in touch with the Mayan culture. Accompanied by amazing friends, we went down into the epicenter of reset of the 26,000 year Mayan calendar.


On the eve of 12/21 we went to Dos Palmas near Tulum, a real Mayan village, invited to enjoy a ceremony conducted by our very own Shaman, to cleanse in a sweat lodge (temazcal) and sleep in the village on hammocks that were handmade for us. At the stroke of midnight we were in the clay hut, in pitch black dark besides the glowing hot stones, enduring the heat, sweating, meditating, reflecting on life to date, conquering fear, loving all friends, family and enemies.. Welcoming in the new age! Spirits both good and bad were definitely present as our Shaman guided us through the experience fully protected as we chanted, laughed, cried, screamed and just let it all out!!! The vibrations were surreal!

After the intense sweat session we jumped into a Cenote which is a cavern in the earth with a pool of fresh water surrounded by stalactites, stalagmites and huge bats! The formations were amazing..

After being fed by the Mayans, we celebrated and danced around the village amongst the trees, stars, ruins and the people both living and the surrounding graves.. A celebration of life for the past and the future. The moon was the brightest I’ve ever seen.. The Roosters were even crowing at midnight!

There were signs all around us that made it clear that there was definitely a shift in time happening..

The total experience was life changing for us. My partner and I are even closer as a result. I look forward to touching every corner of the earth and this one corner definitely had a major impact on my future.

It’s time for you to embrace this new world as we’ve left the old one behind. It was the End of the World .. remember?


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